Thursday, October 16, 2008

36 Resume Ideas

36 Beautiful Resume Ideas That Work

Make your resume stand out by using a beautiful design that most people have never seen before. Here are some terrific resume ideas to inspire you.

You might want to bookmark this article and come back to it when you're updating your resume. Enjoy!

Beautiful resume designs

Kenji Enos resume Christopher Mcadams resume
Karla Martinez resume Rob Stinogle resume
Scott Tiger resume Julie Betters Resume
Salma Kadir resume Daniel Marcoux resume
Chevaughn Clowney resume Matthew Weidner resume
Julia Lund resume Sherry Chaumpluke resume
Andre Morgan resume Derek Benvenuti resume
Scott Spindler resume Roger Pallan resume
Colin Nederkoorn resume Jessica Edwards resume
Anthony Zinser resume Kevin Fox
Elizabeth Lind resume Joshua Clark resume
Rafael Vibar Banzuela resume David Fernandez resume
Graeme Findlay Resume Hertell Resume
Tasha Lee Resume Ryan Thomas resume
Manik Rathee resume Ryan Gilden resume
Erin Lindsey resume Terry Dee Resume
Sara Rohacik resume Asher Bryan Eggleston resume
Sean David Coe resume Jeffrey French resume

Bonus designer alternative resume

Michael Mangus resume

Although you would never send this to an Israeli diamond dealer or your local chick sexer, the mix of drawing and print on top of "the back of an envelope" really makes this resume memorable.

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