Wednesday, February 25, 2009

$99 iPhone Specs

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Exclusive: The $99 iPhone Specs Revealed

It's the stuff of analyst and recession victims dream's. A $99 iPhone with an incredibly cheap data plan. Our Mac|Life super spies snuck into a top-secret Apple building in Cupertino and "borrowed" the prototype for the $99 iPhone.

We learned that the $99 isn't nearly as full-featured as the regular iPhone. Apple had to slash a few features in order to hit the specified price point. But hey, it's still an iPhone.  

Check out the list of sweet, sweet, features that make the $99 iPhone a possibility.

99 iphone

A. Retro-green mono-chrome screen. Green is the color of money, the color of all the money you saved because you're not basking in full color.

B. Plug your iPhone into any available phone jack. Never worry about unlocking your iPhone, just finding a phone jack.

C. Why send a text message when you can send an entire fax. It's like receiving a letter from 1994!

D. Cameras cost money. Instead of installing one of fancy cameras, Apple installed Mac Paint so you can create your own rendition of what you see.

E. 56.6Kbps Modem. That's right, you're gonna flying through those text-based Web sites. Turns out that phone cord isn't just for phone calls.

F. It's the grandaddy of all social networks. With BBS Master you can sign into your favorite BBS and share your views on Telnet.

G. iTunes Lite. You need processing power to play MP3 and AAC files. With iTunes Lite you can purchase MIDI versions of your favorite songs.

H. iPod Lite. You gotta play those MIDI files somewhere.

I. Play old-school games in glorious green. Keep your family from contracting dysentery with Oregon Trail, battle your archenemy in Kung Fu, or play a rousing game of solitaire.

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