Saturday, April 25, 2009

Win7 Adds Virtual WinXP - Awesome

Windows 7 reveals XP mode AKA the IT guy's wet dream

by John Biggs on April 25, 2009


So there's going to be an XP mode in Windows 7. What does that mean? For users of Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate - sorry, lower-end users! - you will get a full copy of Windows XP that will run under a virtual processor. However, instead of creating a new desktop environment, the XP mode will bring the application up as a window inside Windows 7. This means you can run applications like IE 6 "natively" without booting a virtual machine.

The virtual machine will also offer a desktop interface but applications you install under XP will show up in the Windows 7 start menu, an interesting move. The XP app will, in short, appear as a Windows 7 app with a bit more loading.


Why is this happening? Mostly because Vista has long been seen as a plaything and not a serious option for IT departments. By adding an XP mode the final argument - "It's not XP!" - against Windows 7 is dead. I've played with Wn7 and am looking forward to it and, as a former IT guy, I can state unequivocally that this is a big deal.

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