Saturday, March 20, 2010

iPhone Cheats and Shortcuts

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30+ Super Secret iPhone Features and Shortcuts

Tap the Status Bar to Scroll to the Top

Status Bar

Press the Home and Sleep Buttons Simultaneously to Take a Screenshot

Hold Home for Five Seconds to Quit the Current App

Double Tap Shift for Caps Lock

Caps Lock

Tap and Hold for Extra Characters

Extra Characters

Double Tap Space for a Period and Space

Period Shortcut

Leave Off www and .com for Faster Browsing

Shorter URLs

Add Sites to Your Home Screen for Quick Access and More

Add a Site to Home

Tap and Hold a Link for Options

Link Options

Scroll Inside Frames and Text Areas With Two Fingers

Double Tap a Text Column or Image to Zoom to It

Zooming on Text

Tap and Hold to Save Images

Save an Image

Send a Call to Voicemail by Pressing the Sleep Button

Double Press Home to Bring Up Music Controls

Music Controls

Drag Your Finger Up and Down to Change the Scrub Speed

Scrubbing Speed

Tap Instead of Swipe for Pagination

Use the Timer to Turn Off Your Music

Sleeping Your iPod

Turn Your iPhone Horizontally for a Wider Keyboard

Horizontal Keyboard

Turn Your iPhone Horizontally for a Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculator

Save Battery Power by Turning Features Off

Save Power

Send Photos at Full Resolution

Sending Photos
Sent with Clipmarks

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