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Install Hamachi for Apple Macintosh Snow Leopard

How to Install Hamachi for Macintosh

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  1. Step1

    Before you do anything, make sure that you have a super user, or root user account that you can access!

    If you don't have one, see the following article to set one up, then continue on with the current how to article:

  2. Step2

    Now that you have a root user account, download the files that we will need for the installation and save them to your desktop.

    Hamachi for Macintosh (bottom of the page):

    Tuntap drivers:

    HamachiX (Optional graphical interface):

    Make sure all of these are unzipped and in folders on your desktop.

  3. Step3

    Find the tuntap folder and open it. Inside is a file called tuntap_####.pkg (Where ### is just a bunch of numbers). Double click on this file and follow the on screen instructions to install tuntap.

  4. Step4

    After tuntap is intalled, you will need your terminal to install hamachi.

    In finder, go to the "Go" menu at the top of the screen and then select utilities.

  5. Step5

    Open "Terminal" from within the utilities folder.

    Once you have terminal opened, you need to get into superuser mode.

    To do this type "su" in the terminal and press enter. It will ask for a password, type in your root password that you set up earlier on in the other how to article. And then press enter.

  6. Step6

    Use the "cd" command to find your files. If you saved them to the desktop, the command would be:

    "cd Desktop" (without the quotes) Then press enter.

    To get into the hamachi folder, use the cd command again, type:
    cd hamachi (and then press the Tab key, it will auto-fill the rest of the folder name.).
    Then press enter.

  7. Step7

    To install hamachi, type:

    "./install" into the terminal and press enter.

    Once this is finished, proceed to the next step.

  8. Step8

    After hamachi has finished installing, you will need to run the tuntap configuration script.

    In your terminal type:

    "tuncfg" and press enter.

    It probably won't say anything. But you can check to make sure it is installed by typing "tuncfg"and hitting enter again. It should say "tuncfg is already running". This is a good thing.

  9. Step9

    Now that tuntap is configured, we need to initialize hamachi.

    Type "hamachi-init" into the terminal and press enter. It will do a few things and probably take a minute or two. When it is done it should mention that it was successful. This means Hamachi is fully installed.

    Type "exit" into the terminal and press enter.
    Type "exit" again into the terminal and press enter again.
    Now you may quit terminal.

  10. Step10

    Open up the disk image containing hamachiX.

    It will instruct you to move the HamachiX icon into your applications folder. Please do so now. If you would like to, now would be a good time to drag the HamachiX icon from the Applications folder to your dock to make a shortcut.

  11. Step11

    You're done! Enjoy Hamachi for mac!

Tips & Warnings
  • Remember exactly where you put files

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