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Celebrity Voices in Car Commercials - 2

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Wait, I Know That Voice... Car Commercial Celebrity Voiceovers

Chevrolet – Tim Allen

Yes, that's Buzz Lightyear you're hearing in the new Chevy Cruze ads that launched September 7. The Golden Globe winner (for Home Improvement) is the most recent star to do automotive voice over.

Does a voice that's known as a toy robot make you want to drive? Listen here.


Mercedes-Benz – Jon Hamm

The Mad Men star (and Golden Globe winner) is the perfect choice for a commercial because we know his voice as authoritative when it comes to pitching a product–his TV character is the ad man. His relationship with Mercedes began earlier this year with the Eco S400 ad that debuted during Oscar weekend in March.

Hear if Don Draper has you sold.


Lexus – Maurice Lemarche

You may not know Lemarche's name, but you'd know his voice if you're a primetime cartoon fan. The current voice behind Lexus lends his voice to Futurama and has been on numerous episodes of The Simpsons and he voiced the character of Alec Baldwin in Team America.

See if you recognize the voice.


Honda – Kevin Spacey

This two-time Oscar winner is one of Hollywood's most talented actors. Though he stumbled over words as Verbal Klint in The Usual Suspects, his voice is smooth and unwavering in Honda's ad campaign.

Hear Spacey's crisp, down-to-earth words here.


Hyundai – Jeff Bridges

Hyundai must be glad it tapped this year's Oscar winner to be its voice. The Crazy Heart actor sounds approachable and knowledgeable in the ads. During Oscar season, his ads couldn't air, so the company used backups such as David Duchovny and Richard Dreyfus.

Does Bridges sing too? Hear for yourself.


Nissan – Robert Downey Jr.

Downey seems to do no wrong these days. This three-time Golden Globe winner isn't new to voice-over: he did a character on an episode of Family Guy. Nowadays he can be heard in Nissan ads, using his upbeat inflection in an oh-so-subtle way.

Does Sherlock bring the point home? Hear here.


Volkswagen – Bronson Pinchot

You probably know him as Balki Bartokomous from the sitcom Perfect Strangers. The New York-born actor is known for his accents; and he uses his talents as the voice of Max, the restored 1964 VW Beetle in the Das Auto campaign for the German company (the spot below also guest stars Sideways star Thomas Haden Church as a laid-back VW Microbus).

Does his voice make you want to do the Dance of Joy?


Volkswagen – Ron Livingston

Pinchot isn't the only voice for Volkswagen. Livingston, best known as the star of Office Space, also lends his practical and friendly voice to the car company's ads.

Listen to what approachable sounds like.


BMW – Will Lyman

Lyman's masculine, authoritative tone usually takes us through in-depth documentaries on the PBS series Frontline, but he also uses that same refined speech to tell audiences about BMW. And Dos Equis beer.

Hear why his polish fits cars, social issues and the most interesting man in the world.


Dodge – Michael C. Hall

Golden Globe-winning Dexter actor, Hall, hasn't been on the A-list for long (he came to attention as David Fisher on Six Feet Under), but he's already using his deep, rich voice for the Dodge brand.

Hear if he should change the C. in his name from Carlyle to Charger.


Ram Trucks – Sam Elliot

How do you know that voice describing Ram trucks? Most likely from "Beef, it's what's for dinner," the ad from the American Beef Council and "Only You can Prevent Forest Fires" as Smokey the Bear. He's been in dozens of movies and voiced as many commercials.

Hear the iconic smoky voice here.


Infiniti – Liev Schreiber

Schreiber has used his refined, Tony Award-winning voice for Infiniti commercials over the past seven years. You may not have noticed his bravado before, but you'll undoubtedly hear it now.

Get an earful from Naomi Watts's beau.


What's missing? Women. Although BMW used Patricia Clarkson in the past, and Cadillac ads featured Kate Walsh, the current crop of TV spots is missing female voices. We'll enjoy the men in the meantime, but will keep our ears peeled for the sultry, sexy sirens' voices.

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