Saturday, November 20, 2010

IE is officially the MOST Secure Web Browser - Fall 2010

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Internet Explorer is THE MOST Secure Web Browser… Who’d Have Thought That!

A report compiled by security company Bit9 has named the “dirty dozen” web browsers with the most discovered vulnerabilities, and the results, which have been posted by NeoWin come as something of a, well let’s face it, a major surprise.

The biggest surprise is that Google’s Chrome browser tops the vulnerabilities list with 76.  Safari and Firefox also scored badly with 60 and 51 respectively.  Conversely, Internet Explorer had only 32.  The complete list is below.

  1. Google Chrome – 76
  2. Apple Safari – 60
  3. Microsoft Office – 57
  4. Adobe Acrobat – 54
  5. Mozilla Firefox – 51
  6. Sun JDK – 36
  7. Adobe Shockwave Player – 35
  8. Microsoft Internet Explorer – 32
  9. RealNetworks RealPlayer – 14
  10. Apple Webkit – 9
  11. Adobe Flash Player – 8
  12. Apple Quicktime and Opera Web browser (tied) – 6

This will obviously be inflammatory news to anyone who doesn’t like Internet Explorer (though recently versions of the browser cannot be compared to IE6) and there will people who will point to all the ‘undiscovered’ vulnerabilities in the browser.

However it pans out over time, it’s clear that Microsoft’s recent strategies are paying dividends for the company in terms of helping increase their reputation around the world.  It will be interesting to see how IE9 stacks up against the other browsers in 12 months time.


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