Thursday, January 20, 2011

Top 10 Resume Mistakes

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Career Tips -Top 10 mistakes to avoid while creating resume

A resume is the first impression you will be making to your prospective employer and you need use it as a valuable instrument. Statistics indicate that you have only about 10 seconds to impress the hiring team and your resume should be compelling enough to attract and retain their attention.

There are many mistakes created by job hunters which are quite common and you should avoid to ensure better response from your prospective employers.

Get your dream job by creating an impressive resume

1. The writing of the resume should not be filled with errors and be poorly written. It is be devoid of spelling errors, verb tense mistakes or long sentences.

2. The format of the resume is very important as they need to be reader-friendly and easy to go through quickly. It should not have fancy designs and it is always better to have the format simple to comprehend. It should have four sections which include the objective, summary, earlier work experience and job profiles as well as educational qualification.

3. The resume needs to be precise and to-the-point instead of writing elaborate sentences. You should not write long paragraphs about your experience or achievements. It is better to stick to short-bulleted points which are concise and gives your details in a nutshell.

4. It should not be like an advertisement of you instead should give details on the kind of work you are capable of doing. It should not look like your life story. You should not focus only on your job responsibilities instead should give details of areas where you are better than the others like your achievements and special training you have obtained, if any. These achievements should have details on your promotions and qualified achievements like setting up a team to solve a particular problem and increase business by a sizable amount.

5. Do not stick to one format for all employers. Some employers might want your professional details in a chronologically whereas some might want details of your skills. Then you need to have a skill-based resume which focuses on abilities and skills instead of just your achievements. Another format which can be used is education-based format.

6. Do not attach your photo to the resume.

7. Do not include the remuneration you are expecting from the prospective employers

8. Do not exaggerate your performance or achievements. Do not use words like outstanding performance or excellent ability to describe your performance, instead can just write “good working knowledge”.

9. Do not include references in the resume. It should be provided after your first interview. If you include reference in the resume, then the referee might not be prepared to give details about you. Instead, you can brief them after your initial interview and then can be prepared to give good feedback about you.

10. The resume should not be more than 2 pages. Keep it concise and simple instead of putting all details in it. It should information which will help your prospective employers to call you for an interview. You should keep in mind that they will be seeing scores of resumes and might not have patience to read lengthy and time consuming resumes.


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