Monday, June 20, 2011

Duck, Duck, Go - A Different Search Engine

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Escape your search

engine Filter Bubble!

An illustrated guide


When you search the Internet,

search engines now show different results to different people.

(Click here to try a Bing search for "climate change")

Results are tailored to who you are,

based on your search history

(Click here to see your Google search history.)

and your click history.

Since you often click on things you agree with,

you keep getting more and more

of what you already agree with,

(Click here to try a Google search for "barack obama")

which means other stuff gets demoted (effectively filtered).

This begs the question: what are you missing?

(Click here to try a Google search for "guns.")

In other words, you are living in a Filter Bubble

that promotes things it thinks you'll like,

(Click here to try a Google search for "egypt")

and demotes (effectively filters) out some of the rest,

(Click here to try a Google search for "Is Osama really dead?")

which may limit your exposure to opposing information.

Unfortunately, it's not easy to pop your filter bubble,

because the technology is used so much

across the Internet.

We offer you an alternative:  a search engine

that breaks you out of your Filter Bubble by default,


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