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Solve WiFi Dropping in OSX Lion

Rename to xxx.command. Relocate to root of HD. Add to Login Items under System Prefs --> Users
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Solve the WiFi Dropping Matter in OSX Lion

Solve the WiFi Dropping Matter in OSX Lion
If you are the one of unfortunate users who has problems with WiFi in afterward to upgrade from lion then we have a solution for you in this regard. The folks completed at OSX Daily1 have posted this well-ordered little Bash Script to preserve your wireless connection as well. This step forward will show you how to create the script and it will jingle your router after every 5 seconds, permitting the connection to stay up and not drop.

Step #1: Get your Wireless Router IP Address.
The first thing you will requirement is the IP address of your router. This IP is normally or In order to get the IP, go to:
System Preferences -> Network -> Advanced -> TCP/IP
Now appearance for the IP Address next to Router and create a note of the number.
Solve the WiFi dropping matter in OSX lion
Step #2: Create the Keepalive Bash Script
  • Launch the Terminal (/Applications/Utilities)
  • Type the following command:
  • Paste in the following, be sure to put in your router’s IP Address here:
#! /bin/bash
Ping –I 5 –n
  • Hit Control+O to save the contents of
  • Hit Control+X to exit from nano
Step 3: Run the WiFi Keepalive Bash Script
  • Back in the terminal window, we need to make the script executable. Type the following:
Chmod +x
  • Now we just need to run it. Type the following in your terminal window:
./ &
That previous command will jump and run the script in the background. Your WiFi dipping issues should now be committed. This is additional of a workaround, then a fix but it will preserve your WiFi connection up and running. Now the former object to figure out is if this is a infection in OSX Lion, or if some routers don’t play in good way with the new version of OSX. With a bit of luck the next update will assistance take care of this issue with some computers as well.
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