Monday, February 13, 2012

[INFOGRAPHIC] How Much Are Your Social Media Skills Worth?

Employment agency OnWardSearch is kicking off Social Media Week by releasing an infographic that gives a snapshot of the state of salaries in the field.
The Salary Guide , which gives the top 20 markets as well as salary ranges for top job titles in each metro area, is coupled with a post on career advice from leading marketers. Not surprisingly, the left coast remains one of the better places to head to if you want to make a living blogging, tweeting or managing brands on social networks, but don't rule out the northeast — particularly New York (which tops the list) and Boston (which checks in at number five).
What will be interesting going forward is seeing how this list changes from year to year: not only are we interested in seeing if salaries for the different positions go up or down and if certain cities move onto or fall off of the list, but we'd be interested in getting a look at whether certain jobs start to make up a bigger percentage of social media employment in years to come.

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